More Hollywood Nights

I'm not going to lie; I started getting a bit concerned when more than sixty people had already lined up for our Kyle MacLachlan wine tasting at the K&L Hollywood store with still more than thirty minutes before the opening. We'd never had a tasting of this magnitude in any of our stores before, so I wasn't sure as what to expect. To make matters even more concerning, we had unknowingly scheduled the tasting for the exact same date and time as the new Twin Peaks soundtrack release at nearby Amoeba Records (one block over on Sunset) featuring David Lynch himself signing autographs. The word was out on the Hollywood streets: there was a Lynch/MacLachlan duel event going on and the Twin Peaks fans were milking every potential minute of it! I was stoked. But simultaneously scared. 

While we were organized and ready to adapt as need be, the idea of doing an actual wine tasting with Kyle talking in-depth about the wines quickly fizzed into impossibility. We were being over run by hundreds of people waiting for their turn to get in. If you thought the Twin Peaks return was a small pop culture phenomenon, you should talk to the dozens and dozens of people who I had to continually turn away at the door. It was a difficult conversation to say the least. 

While there were a few unruly late-comers, the overwhelming majority of folks were patient, kind-hearted, and just happy to be there. I saw some of the best Twin Peaks fan art ever on the table waiting for Kyle's signature. It was truly a sight to behold. One guy had a skateboard deck with the Log Lady on it!

And the style!!! This was by far the coolest crowd of people to ever grace the tasting bar at any K&L outpost. I was blown away by the fashion in the house tonight.

Kyle MacLachlan is such a pro that it's almost impossible to fully explain. He's a pro's pro. He's a beacon of customer service, kindness, and general civility with everyone he meets. He made every person in that tasting bar feel like the most special person in the world tonight. It was really something to behold. Many thanks to him for joining us in the Hollywood store. A big thank you as well goes out to our Hollywood store manager Tommy Martinez who held down the fort, dealt with the dirt, and covered the important logistics all night long. These two guys together would be an unstoppable customer service support team. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll