Double Your Pleasure

I know a number of folks who missed out the last time we snagged some of Martin Cate's special Smuggler's Cove blend and are going to be stoked we just got another allocation in from the man himself. We blew through 200 bottles in a matter of hours a few weeks back and I'm happy to announce that we've got another 120 or so to offer out if you didn't get your fill from before. In addition, I'm going to highly recommend that you buy the new Real McCoy Limited edition virgin oak 10 year rum we just received into the warehouse as well. It's by far the best rum from Real McCoy I've had thus far and for me it's a much more drinkable specimen than the coveted 10 year old Criterion edition Foursquare released last year. Here's the thing: I get why people freaked out over that Madeira-aged Criterion. It was a very nice bottle of rum, but my personal bottle of Criterion is still about 70% full because I'm at the point in my drinking career where a monster ABV% doesn't necessarily appeal to my late night desires. Contrast that with the 10 year virgin oak edition, a blend of 12 year old ex-Bourbon casks and 10 year old full term new oak matured rum that melts across my palate with the greatest of ease at a perfect 92 proof. I'll let the cask strength kids have their fun with the high-octane stuff, while my 38 year old palate enjoys this rich, round, and more mellow elixir. Yum...........

Foursquare Distillery "Real McCoy" 12 Year Old "Smuggler's Cove Limited Edition" Rum $49.99 - This special edition of Real McCoy rum from Foursquare distillery was put together by Martin Cate at Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco and is a tiny blend of just two ex-Bourbon barrels, bottled at 46% ABV rather than the standard 40%. Foursquare distillery on the island of Barbados is quickly becoming a sensation in the aficionado world of rum drinkers and tiki specialists for its pure, unadulterated flavor and transparency as it pertains to age statements and additives. 

Foursquare Distillery "Real McCoy" 10 Year Old Limited Edition Virgin Oak Rum $59.99 - Using rums aged in both ex-Bourbon casks and brand new oak barrels, then dialing the ABV from 40 to 46%, this is the richest and most vanilla-laden edition of the Real McCoy yet. There's more sweetness, more molasses, more spice, and more weight than the standard 12 year edition despite the younger age statement and the rum finishes with a Bourbon-like kick. The blend is comprised of the two wood types, aged separately and then blended together. The ex-Bourbon matured component is all 12 years of age, while the virgin oak-aged rum was matured for the entire decade in new oak, Even though it's labeled as a 10 year old rum, a large proportion of the rum is actually 12 years old. This limited edition produced only 3000 total bottles for the world and we were lucky enough to grab a large chunk of it. Grab a bottle while you can!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll