The Cream Of The Crop


There is little need for introduction for any Islay distillery these days. Let alone Bunnahabhain, famous as the islands first unpeated malt. Couple that with a big fat 30 year old age statement and you have yourself the gift of the year. While it's not an inexpensive bottle, it is a tremendous value. Consider that the 25 year distillery bottling sells for well over $500! This is 5 more years for nearly half that, and at cask strength to boot! If the black and white specifications of this cask and the fact that Bunnahabhain is a perfect match for refilled hogshead casks aren't enough to tempt you, here's what I really think:

Unquestionably one of the finest bottles we have ever sold. The specs are flawless. The price, while high, is an absolute steal. The color deep mahogany, entrances you from the get go. You don't even have to lift the glass to your nose to be hit with the sweet smell of cream, roasted pecans, caramelized sugar, and a faint sherry rancio note. Dive in and the full sensual glory of toffee, apple pie, and caramels fills you with joy. After you come to, you might light the glass to your mouth and let the richness of the spirit roll over your tongue. An ever changing array of sweet fruits, damp earth, fresh cream butter, rancio, chocolate, brandied pears cascades down your palate. The finish is dry and spicy with the sweetness of flamed orange peel lingering behind. It's long and clean, endlessly pleasant and certainly of a quality you will not forget.

Be a gift giving hero.

1988 Bunnahabhain 30 Year Old “Old Particular” Refill Butt Scotch Whisky $275

Andrew Whiteley