Armagnac Arrived


We’ve been all about whisky for the last two years but no season is more appropriate for enjoying the great brandies of the Gers and Lalande than the Xmas holiday. That’s not simply because you won’t find a better digestif for a bit holiday meal, but the  flavors of Armagnac pair so well with the mood of the holidays.

Here we have true return of one of our most renowned selections from the exceptional Domaine de Pouchegu albeit in a new package. Sadly the bottler doesn’t mention the great man who created this exceptional brandy, but rest assured I won’t let anyone forget who Pierre Laporte was.


This exquisite example is exactly what the new guard of Armagnac aficianado has been looking for. Big bold and unadultered, you won’t find a richer more complex Brandy in any price point. Easily the rivals the great brandies from Lous Pibous and hopefully will be held up as the pinnacle of what’s possible in this special little part of France. 

David Othenin-Girard