Manna From Lannemaignan


We dropped the ball on the 25 days of whisky days of whisky this weekend due to extremely busy sales floors. Seems if you bring in 40 of the best casks available anywhere in the country people will respond. Thank you for that. In an effort to keep things going we’re sticking with last weeks brandy theme and putting up one of K&Ls most classic Armagnac producers. 

the Claverie family should be lauded as one of the finest traditional producers in all of France. Their policulture farm produces a number of products, but it is the brandies that really stand out. Mr. Claverie and his daughter Laurence work the small parcel of vines in the very best part of the Gers near Lannemaignan. When we first found Domaine Baraillon we were astonished by the quality and absolutely dumbfounded with the prices. Now all these years later the prices have remained the same and the Armagnac just keeps getting older.

 ‘85 Baraillon 33 Year Old Bas-Armagnac $125

David Othenin-Girard