Dave's Theme

Have you ever come across something on a whim so deeply engrained in your psyche that when you rediscover it you almost start crying?

This music just about brought me to my knees (granted I'm a few beers deep, alone at home with the cats).

This electronic aria is the core soundtrack to one of the few clear memories in my head from the late eighties. My mom was out of town, so my dad took me down to the Good Guys on McHenry to get a new Nintendo game. I chose Maniac Mansion. I remember the evening well because there was a power outage in Modesto about an hour after we got back, so I had to start the whole thing over because I hadn't saved my progress yet. We ended up going outside in the warm twilight of the evening to talk with our neighbors since nothing worked in the house. It was a sultry Central Valley night. 

I can still almost smell the air right now. I can see the pink and blue from that summer sky through my bedroom window in my mind's eye. Then the power came back on and "Dave's Theme" kicked back into gear. It was time to go back and explore the mansion. I'm pretty sure I had a big bag of Mike & Ikes next to me, scooped out from the commodity bins at Food 4 Less. 

This is truly the theme song for the most fragile parts of my inner soul.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll