El Tesoro Single Cask Triplets

This past Fall both David OG and I went down to Mexico as part of El Tesoro's new single barrel program, meeting with La Alteña legend Carlos Camarena to pick out Reposado casks to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the facility as well as the new packaging (a HUGE improvement over the old square bottles). I'm happy to announce that my two casks have arrived, as has David OG's selection. All three are delicious and truly up to snuff with the classic Camarena profile, one that has its foundation in pure, soft, unadulterated agave flavor. You can click on the above link to catch up on all the specifics of La Alteña, but in the meantime check out the notes for the three casks below. They're all bottled a hair over 40% ABV.

El Tesoro "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #110 Reposado Tequila $49.99 - Carlos Camarena needs no introduction to those familiar with fine Tequila, but for those of you who are still getting your feet wet: he's the man behind a number of outstanding brands on today's market; those baring the NOM number 1474 on the side label. His father first founded La Alteña in 1937 and we were invited down this past Fall to celebrate the distillery's 80th anniversary and be a part of the first single barrel selections of Reposado casks. While most modern facilities have moved onto to more efficient power shredders or roller mills, La Alteña still uses the tahona wheel for part of its production, holding on to the traditions of the past. In the case of El Tesoro, however, 100% of the agave used is tahona-pressed, which in the wine world would be the equivalent of foot-stomping. Made with 100% Highland agave, the piñas tend to be larger, fruitier, and sweeter in flavor due to the difference in both soil types and climate. The result is a lighter, finer, and incredibly sippable spirit. This single barrel Reposado expression, barrel #110, captures the soft spices and delicate citrus notes beautifully, gliding across the palate with ease, finishing with subtle flurries of pepper and clove.

El Tesoro "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #117 Reposado Tequila $49.99 - This single barrel Reposado expression, barrel #117, is a bit more herbaceous than our #110 selection, adding a bit more concentration to the classic characteristics of baking spices and soft vanilla from the oak maturation.

El Tesoro "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel #158 Reposado Tequila $49.99 - Round and robust on the palate with plenty of soft vanilla from the oak, this single cask is zestier and zippier than the other two, with citrus and spice on the finish. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll