The Stunning Fruit Spirits of Somerset

After the On the Trail post I put up earlier today, I've gone through the queue to find multiple customer orders that have all six currently-available Somerset products on them. That's incredible, but it's also telling because truth be told: you need all six products to really understand what makes the Somerset Cider Brandy Company so awesome. They're all completely different! It's not like the ten year old brandy is just a better version of the five, or the apple liqueurs are minor in their distinctions. The five year is mellow and easy-going, slightly chewy on the finish, while the ten year brandy is more like brown apple skins (it really tastes like distilled cider) with lots of that pithy character on the backend. The Kingston Black varietal liqueur is fresh and full of bright apple flavor, while the Pomona is darker, richer, and barrel-aged like a Tawny Port. Then you've got the two apple eau-de-vie macerated liqueurs that light up your taste buds with equal parts sweet and tart.

There's a lot to discover here, but unfortunately not much of it. I was conservative with my initial purchase but after watching the staff blow through the recently-arrived inventory with rabid thirst I'm realizing I grossly underestimated the demand. I'm working on another order ASAP, but for the moment there's only a few cases of each expression. Have fun!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll