The Fourth and Final Winter Pig

For the last day of winter, I bring you the final installment of the four cask Whistle Pig cycle: the 118.2 proof beast from the North. This 59.1% ABV expression is the biggest, boldest, and most complex of the bunch. There's an equal amount of big sweet vanilla, dill, and peppery herbaceous character in full effect. The near 120 proof heat makes this whiskey a powerful beast to deal with and there's a lot to unlock with a few drops of water. There's a graham cracker finish that bolsters the clean rye flavor with beautiful balance, making this easily the best rye whiskey in the store right now. It's quite special. I hope you all love it, as I'm sending all my best Bourbon/rye customers right now in this direction.

Whistle Pig 10 Year Old "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel 118.2 Proof Cask Strength Rye Whiskey $89.99 - This is the fourth and final cask from our Winter edition single barrels of Whistle Pig 10 year and this particular cask comes in at over 118 proof and packs a big dollop of both sweet and savory spices in addition to all the rich oak flavors and vanilla. With dill, pepper, and sweet baking spices on the finish, this 59.1% beast of a whiskey brings the power and the punch for those who like their rye potent. It starts with rich and decadent aromas of vanilla and sweet oak, but it ends with a fireworks display of savory and herbaceous splendor.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll