Rookie Mistake

If you want to know what happened at my house this past weekend, click on the above video. I made a classic mistake and opened the box without realizing what I was doing. I thought I was going to spend a leisurly evening in front of the television with wine and take out, but instead I invited hell upon myself, waking up Sunday morning completely dehydrated and with a throbbing headache.

I opened the box. The demons came. It was entirely my fault.

I should have been paying attention to what I was doing.

Alright, so that's not literally what happened, but figuratively it's pretty close. I fell for one of the biggest rookie mistakes in the business. I took home what is pretty much the best thing ever, our directly-imported Blason Box of Italian white wine (four bottles of deliciously crisp vino in an air-proof bag with a built in tap) and thought I was going to actually drink less.

I told my wife: "The great thing about the box is that you can just have a few glasses without having to commit to the entire bottle and the wine stays fresh." 

In theory, this is entirely correct.

But you must keep track of what you're doing. The thing about opening a bottle is that you know exactly how much of the 750ml you're consuming. When you take your eye off the box, bad things happen. 

The wine was so cold. The Doordash guy was a half hour late. It was Saturday and I was having such a good time. I opened the box. 

But it is not just a box. It is a means to summon. Please, enjoy the box. But never take your eye of it's many pleasures.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll