Join K&L at the critically acclaimed and objectively gorgeous DAMA in LA's up-and-coming Fashion District. The Latin-inspired menu is cracked around a sampling of the incredible Avua Cachaca line of Brazilian cane spirits. This, one of the only truly artisanal Cachaca available in the US, is becoming a benchmark for the popular cane-based drink. Brazilians hate that we call the stuff rum, but we don't care what you call it when it's this good. They specialize in unusual tropical wood aging, which the rest of the industry has all but forgotten. There is truly not another Cachaca this good on the US market today. Enjoy a full menu of culinary concoctions crafted by DAMA's Executive Chef Antonia Lofaso and a couple of Cachaca cocktails to start and finish your meal. During dinner we'll be pairing a tasting flight of five unique expressions of Cachaca with the fabulous food. You'll never get out of any restaurant in LA after 2 cocktails, 5 Cachacas and a full dinner for $75. It's going to be a great night full of fun, so please remember to use a ride-sharing service to avoid any need to drive. DAMA is located at 612 E 11th St Los Angeles, CA 90015. The purchase of your ticket today gives you access and no physical ticket is needed to attend.


David Othenin-Girard