Ardbeg day 2019 - Drum da drum drum

What seems like a massive stack of The Ultimate  Islay Malt will certainly dwindle to nothing in the coming days. This year’s Ardbeg Limited Edition is the DRUM. This fantastically funky version of Ardbeg is aged in ex-bourbon before being matured further in Rum casks. They say the rum is from “the Americas” so likely a mix of Caribbean and Guyanese, but could also include a number of Central American countries as well. The resulting spirit is replete with dense tropical fruit (pineapple notes!) tempered with the classic Ardbeg salty smoke (briny notes!). The whole thing is framed by a deep spice, presumably from the rum casks, offering strong flavors of ginger, cinnamon stick, cocoa and clove. A very exciting new robe for the wonderful whisky at the end of the road on the South shore of Islay. 

Ardbeg "Drum" Islay Single Malt Whisky (750ml) $109.99


David Othenin-Girard