The Breakfast Martini with Joe from Ford's Gin

Joe Brooke makes a mean cocktail. A skilled bartender and passionate craft cocktail advocate, he’s mixed up a little twist on the breakfast martini to kick your weekend off in style. This brunchy aperitif was originally invented by London bartender Salvatore Calabrese, but Joe gives it a seasonal slant by swapping out the orange marmalade for apricot. The result is refreshing and light, with a nice yin-yang of stone fruit, orange, and floral botanicals. Ford’s gin is created with the cocktail in mind, and it works perfectly here, adding notes of grapefruit, cucumber, juniper, and coriander. The gin creates complexity and balances the sweetness from the marmalade, making this — dangerously — easy to drink.

Thanks, Joe, for sharing your beverage savvy with K&L!

- Kate Soto