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Party @ Old World Spirits in Belmont Friday 5/21 - $10

Please come to Davorin Kuchan's distillery in Belmont at #3 and #4 121 Industrial Way in Belmont.  It's off of Industrial Rd. and is back in the parking lot with a bunch of other office spaces.  He's created a fantastic little tasting room and has all the booze ready for you.  For a mere $10 you can taste his entire line up: the Blade gin, the La Sorciere absinthes, the eau de vie and liqueurs, as well as his new brandy he is working on.  Maybe, if you are lucky, he will be in the middle of producing some of his wonderful gin and will let you taste it fresh off the still like I was lucky enough to do.  The event starts at 6 PM and there's a brewery right across from him that will be tasting beer as well.  It could turn into quite a time out.  See you there.

-David Driscoll

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