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Cocktail Night Extravaganza!!

Pre-Prohibition Cocktail Night w/ Jennifer Colliau & Erik Ellestad @ Martin's West - Monday June 21st 7 PM $15-

I'm not sure I can express to many of you how awesome this is going to be.  These two are some of the most experienced and knowledgable people I have ever met when it comes to booze of any kind.  They are pros.  Jennifer makes the Small Hands Food line up and is a bartender at Heaven's Dog and the Slanted Door.  She specializes in pre-Prohibition drinks and is a master behind the stick.  She is going to mix and show you how to mix and tell you all her secrets.  Erik is also a bartender at Heaven's Dog as well as Alembic and has garnered national fame for his Savoy Cocktail book project - making every drink in alphabetical order.  He makes a hell of a drink and is usually the first person I call when I need help with booze.  IF YOU THINK YOU DON"T LIKE COCKTAILS, THIS IS MY ONE CHANCE TO PULL YOU INTO THIS WONDERFUL WORLD!!  You will be enthralled, guaranteed.  For $15 you get 4 drinks (not full size, so you can drive home still) and you get an education in what "going out for a drink" used to mean in America (and can mean again).  Please call Moira at Martin's West to reserve a spot. (650) 366-4366

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I'll be there... I'll see about rounding up some friends too. I got to meet Jennifer really briefly last night, we had a reservation at Heaven's Dog before this post even went up!

June 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa W.

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