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Maker's 46 - In Stores Tomorrow

I know there's been a big hoopla about this, so I thought I'd pass the word along that I just ordered it this morning and it should be delivered early tomorrow.  Maker's 46 is the first new product from Maker's Mark since their first bottling in 1958.  In that time they have created an exeptional new whiskey through innovative aging techniques once again.  This bourbon features a secondary aging using barrels containing "seared" french oak staves.  Adding a depth that is not matched by the original Maker's Mark.  John Hansell says, "This is original "Red Wax" Maker’s Mark bourbon that received additional aging in barrels containing internal "seared" French Oak staves. The original Maker’s Mark, being a wheated bourbon (instead of rye, which is typically used in addition to the majority of corn), is a rather mellow, easy-to-drink bourbon. The French Oak staves in "46" add firm, complex, dry spices (lead by warming cinnamon, followed by nutmeg and clove), herb (a suggestion of Green Chartreuse liqueur, perhaps?), and some polished leather "grip", which dovetails well with Maker’s trademark layered sweetness (caramel, vanilla, a hint of honey). I’m also picking up some dried fruit in the background.  The seared oak stave influence is somewhat aggressive but never to the point of being excessive. (Note: that this is a pre-release sample with a smaller batch size than the ultimate final bottled product. There could be a slight variation in the flavor profile with the final product. If there is, I will adjust my tasting notes and rating.)" 90 pts - Advanced Malt Advocate Score.

David Driscoll


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