K&L Best of 2010 Awards: Liqueurs

This award was a close call, but interestingly enough I had these both for 1 and 2, and so did David.  That makes it an easy dual award.  The K&L Liqueur(s) of the Year award goes to:

David D picks: Firelit Blue Bottle Coffee Liqueur - I must first off say that I am just as floored with the Marie & Fils 25 year Pineau des Charentes, but the Firelit Coffee Liqueur dominated this year's liqueur sales.  That's not to say that I'm picking it solely because of sales - the Firelit is freakin' amazingly good.  The coffee comes through in pure, concentrated tones and the sweetness is just present enough to balance it out.  Dave Smith came through in the clutch with this liqueur and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with over at St. George.  This is what I will be buying my family members for Christmas this year.  It's the kind of thing that people taste and say, "Wow, that's great!"

David OG picks: Marie & Fils 25 Year Old Pineau des Charentes - Nicholas Palazzi, where did you come from?  All of sudden you walk into our lives and bring us these amazing Cognacs and Cognac-based products!  All of a sudden you blow our minds with what we thought brandy could be!  The 25 year old PdC is from one barrel distilled in 1985 that sat in France until Nicolas decided to bottle it.  There is nothing in the port, sherry, or liqueur world that can touch this product.  It is simply spellbinding.  Everyone who has tasted it has freaked out.  We look forward to many more dealings with Mr. Palazzi and his exquisite bottlings. 

In other news, I decided to experiment with some of the Chartreuse & Chocolate cocktails I read about in the Cocktail Chronicles today.  The idea sounded great and we have a nice little Creme de Cacao on close out. 

I decided to make both the Green Glacier and the Prospector.  The Green Glacier was my wife's favorite with it's bold flavors and spice complemented by the Angostura bitters.  I, however, prefered the Prospector with the addition of orange liqueur to round out the texture.  I like the combo of chocolate, orange, and herbs - very tasty.  I also got the secret recipe for Bar Agricole's newest Egg Nog cocktail and I LOVED it - brandy, rum, eggs, milk, sugar, nutmeg - delish!  So creamy and Christmas-y.  I will be making this drink for my family this Christmas Eve, and maybe in the morning as well!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll