Mountains of Whisky Coming In!

We're selling more booze than we've ever sold in our thirty year history and I am running out of places to put it!  I am selling Ardbeg and Lagavulin by the case, so I have to squeeze these stacks of whisky into corners all over the warehouse.  Tomorrow there should be a huge drop of Walker Black and Ketel One coming in and I really don't think there is anywhere to put it.  The holiday season is upon us and people are buying almost as much of our brown goods as our red!  I remember just starting out last year and dealing with the holidays, but it seemed easier at the time despite it being the start of my rookie year.  I think we have been branching out to more and more customers, which is fantastic because I think we have a good supply of booze to offer people at pretty reasonable prices. 

So what just came in today....

Diageo limited special editions are here, and they are very limited.  As much as I don't want to believe that they are worth their expensive price tags, I am hearing rave reviews so far for these whiskies.  The Brora 25, which was part of last year's release, was an absolute dream of a whisky and the Talisker 18 year old is still one of my favorite bottles that I own.  The Auchroisk 20 is supposed to be a dessert whisky, full of fat texture, pudding-like sweetness, and baked fruits.  I've read that it's the first distillery bottling since they stopped using it in Singleton.  I'm really curious about the Cragganmore as well because it's usually such a light, fruity style of whisky.  To experience 21 years would be very satisfying, I believe.  In any case, these all retail for close to $200 so they're all out of my price range.  Thank God for the independent bottlings that allow me the opportunity to taste these great distilleries for a less demanding cost.  Speaking of Auchroisk, the Black Adder 18 bottling should be in next week and it's under $80.

 Compass Box just released their Double Single, which is even rarer and, I've heard, more delicious than the Flaming Heart.  I've got a bottle on my bar at home that I'm waiting to open, but I have to taste a few other whiskies before I get to this guy.  I'm really pumped about the idea of the blend (roughly 75% Glen Elgin single malt and 25% Port Dundee single grain).  The clear plastic boxes that both bottles come in make it difficult for me to open them!  They look so awesome on top of my fireplace that I just want to leave them as is, but I am an advocate for whisky drinkin' and I'm a fixin' to drink 'em soon.  So much stuff to get, so little time (money).

Oh, and to end on a positive note, the Rusty Blade label just got approved by the government and should be in K&L stores by next week!  I'll be going over to the distillery tomorrow to help bottle it! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll