The Best Pisco Ever Made?

Pisco is a somewhat neutral, simple, uncomplex brandy made from unheard of varietals and usually made in Peru (or Chile if it's a lesser substitute).  It's usually creamier and less fiery than grappa, but a bit more flavorful than vodka.  It's a base for a cocktail, and usually needs lime and simple syrup to make it anywhere near interesting.  There is a small demand for it in the Bay Area, so we usually keep a few on hand as the now ubiquitous Pisco Punch was invented by a San Franciscan.  I usually get as excited about pisco as I do about Cachaca (I maybe raise my eyebrows and say, "eh"), which is why when a representative for Encanto called me up and said he wanted to taste me on his pisco, I sighed and acquiesed, headed down to the tasting bar, and wondered to myself how I was going to let this guy down gently when I didn't want to buy his product.  One sip later, I was falling all over myself, gushing about how amazing this pisco was to a guy who merely closed his eyes and smiled faintly - he had obviously been in this situation before.  The Encanto pisco is something I would drink straight and really enjoy.  It is produced in Peru in the Ica valley, but the entire process is overseen by some native San Franciscan bartenders, who really wanted to make a quality pisco for the current Bay Area boom.  The flavors of the fruit are gentle and pure, the mouthfeel is soft and elegant, and the finish is clean without a trace of harshness.  If you compare Encanto to any other pisco, you'll simply be amazed.  It's pricier than other piscos as well, but worth every penny.  I'm not sure how we're going to sell any other brand from now on.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll