Redemption For Rye Fans

Nobody at Rittenhouse or Sazerac could have predicted years ago, when they were barreling their rye, the demand that would be awaiting them in 2010.  Rye whiskey is as popular as it's ever been (it may have been a bit more popular in the late 1700's, but I can't be sure) and the cocktailian crowd has a thirst for it like never before.  Old Fashioneds made with rye have become a staple at every Bay Area watering hole and even higher end products like Old Potrero and High West can't seem to make enough.  Unfortunately, most producers did not make enough, and they have left us high and dry this summer without anything affordable to mix with.  Rittenhouse is gone until late August and Sazerac is praying to get back into stores before then.  I really thought we were doomed until this little guy popped up last week and saved all of us.  The timing couldn't be better as no one really has a choice, but you're really really going to like the Redemption Rye $26.99, a fantastic whiskey with a 95% rye mashbill - a percentage that is only surpassed by Old Potrero.  Therefore, this is real peppery flavor country, but the barrel aging really smooths it out and adds the vanilla to even things a bit.  I can't believe how good it is given all the bad new whiskies that seem to be popping up lately.  This is not going to be something that rye drinkers turn to as a quick fix, but something that they stick with even after the other guys get their supplies back up.  It's smoother than Rittenhouse and spicier than Sazerac.  It will mix flawlessly into a cocktail, maybe even better than its contemporaries.  I can't wait for people to try it.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll