K&L Privately Bottled Stitzel Weller Bourbon - Come Get Some

Well it's finally here and will be in our stores as of tomorrow.  For those of you who ordered the pre-arrival you can pick it up on the afternoon of Wednesday July 7th.  This is a historic day for K&L and for bourbon lovers everywhere.  The 1991 Jefferson's Reserve Presidential Select 18 Year Old Single Barrel "K&L Exclusive" Bourbon $89.99 is simply amazing.  This is Stitzel Weller bourbon folks!  Out of a single barrel!  If that doesn't mean anything to you, then how about if we said single barrel Pappy Van Winkle 18 year?  Stitzel Weller is the long dormant Kentucky distillery (closed in 1992) that made the whiskey most people scratch and claw just to get a single bottle of.  Known for using a special wheated formula instead of the usual barley enhancer, their whiskies are known to be the richest, biggest, and most long-lasting of all known American bourbons.  This single barrel bottling from Jefferson's (bottled exclusively for K&L) is no exception and is the type of whiskey people tell stories about.  The nose is a monstrous beast full of rich caramel, orange, and vanilla that powers its way into your nostrils.  The palate is unctuous and fat, with more richness and spice that goes all the way to the back of your tongue before staying there for a ten minute finish.  Stitzel Weller bourbon is only available in small quantities and becomes more rare everytime someone buys a bottle.  There will never be anymore than what exists now, so load up.  These bottles will easily triple in value over the next decade, but I can't imagine anyone having the will power to keep them hidden away.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll