Do It Yourself Whiskey.....Genius?

I just got done tasting the Wasmund's line-up and, people, I was very impressed.  I love the rusticity of young American whiskey and both the Copper Fox Rye and Wasmund's Single Malt are dynamite examples of innovation - using wood chips from apple and cherry wood to help age the whiskey faster.  I think that their claim to fame, however, is going to be the home whiskey kit they just released.  It's two bottles of their fantastic unaged rye spirit or single malt spirit in a box with a 1.5 liter oak barrel.  You then pour in your two bottles and let the aging process begin.  The barrel has a spigot so you can release the whiskey when you want to sample it.  I think it's ingenius.  For $63.99 it's a freakin' steal just for the experience.  Honestly, the rye spirit is the best white whiskey I've yet tasted, so I'd be curious to see how it ages in a small barrel without the wood chips they're using in the Copper Fox.  These should be in stock soon.  

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll