Tasting The Whistle Pig With Dave Pickerell

Whistle Pig Farm is a distillery in Shoreham, Vermont being run by David Pickerell, who served as master distiller at Maker's Mark for more than a decade.  While most distilleries produce a white dog, or young whiskey to pay the bills while their good stuff ages, David went out and found a few barrels of something we'd actually want to drink.  His new bottling of 100% Canadian-distilled rye aged in the American style is going to impress just about every whiskey fan out there.  He stopped by the store today to sign all the bottles and taste us on this much-hyped release.  This rye is for big flavor hunters in the traditinon of Stagg, Van Winkle, and Handy.  The nose is rich and enticing and the color of the whiskey itself is a dark amber that just looks like its loaded with caramel and barrel spice.  The first sip lets you know that it actually is - this rye is brimming with vanilla, orange peel, and other baking spices.  This is a big, mouth-coating rye that finishes long and creamy, but never loses the kick of the rye itself.  This is going to be huge, mark my words. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll