Corry Is Back, New Pricing Is Great

The Corryvreckan is now a full time item!  While we are sad that the Beist is no longer with us, we are very happy to have what many consider to be the best of the Ardbeg line on the shelf without a single bottle limit.  Quantities have been very scarce and getting a bottle previously was like getting Rolling Stones tickets - you had to be ready right at the onsale time.  Due to our budding relationship with Ardbeg, we've been in talks with them and their distribution about how we could continue the success we enjoyed in 2010.  In those discussions we thought that getting the always delicious Ardbeg 10 down to $39.99 would be a fantastic feat, so we made it happen and now everyone wins.  At that price, it's hard for me to think of a better value in the world of whisky right now. 

The last time we had the Corryvreckan it was over $80 so the new sticker price of $73.99 is lowest price on Wine Searcher right now by about $7.  Hopefully we can continue to offer it at a this price and hopefully it lasts long enough for everyone to get a bottle.

Enjoy the Ardbeg!

 -David Driscoll

David Driscoll