New Murray McDavid Stuff Coming In This Week

Very very busy day.  So busy I cannot do much more than the brief notes I scribbled down for these!  Tasted with the distributor today and got all the goods on these whiskies! All should be in stock as early as tomorrow!

Murray McDavid
1995 Tobermory 15 Year Climens Cask $57.99- oily entry with clean fruit flavors, dried fruits with spice cake on the palate with hazelnuts on the finish.  Fun and tasty, very complex - a true malt lovers dram.
1997 Mortlach 13 Year Yquem Cask $54.99- big melon and stone fruit flavors on the entry, vanilla then bubble gum on the palate, rich finish, but not as viscous or sweet as one would expect.  Interesting and makes me want more.
1995 Highland Park 15 Year Lafite Cask $79.99- rose color, smoky firewood on the nose, lots of dried fruit with campfire smoke on the palate with plums and cake on the finish.  This will be a big hit
1998 Laphroaig 11 Year Petrus Cask $79.99- PINK!  Rose wine scotch!  No joke, light, delicate, bright cherries and a gentle dab of peat smoke.  This is going to make Bordeaux people go crazy and Laphroaig fans as well.  Very different than any other red wine finished whisky I've yet tasted.  Very much like a rose wine with peat in it.  This will be huge.
1999 Bowmore 11 Year Yquem Cask $59.99- chewy raisins with smoke, then peaches with marzipan, tasty sweet wood on the finish but never gets too sweet.  A nicely made whisky
2002 Bowmore 8 Year Latour Cask $49.99- spicy entry, very dry almost like sandlewood, some bitter fruits lead into a big smoky finish with bright red cherries lingering at the end.  Amazingly different from the way it begins.  A monsterously intense entry leads into a juice box finish!
2004 Ledaig 6 Year Sherry Aged - No ACEing $43.99 - young peated 6 year sherry aged all the way!  Honey and chewy peat on the nose, a barrage of spice and smoke on the palate develops into jam and vanilla mixed with nutty sherry.  Very difficult to pick apart but tasty none the less.  Should come in around $40!  What a deal!
1992 Bunnahabhain 18 Year Mission Gold $99.99 - a big 54.6% sherry aged malt.  Like Macallan 18 but on steroids.  Gobs and gobs on big rich chewy fruit with caramel and loads of power. 
Celtic Heartlands
1977 Glenlivet 33 Year Yquem Finish $259.99- very grainy on the entry then morphs into juicy lemon with flowers before the vanilla kicks in on the mid palate.  Oily and soft on the finish. INSANE.  47.7%
1968 Bunnahabhain 41 Year Refill Sherry Aged $315.99 - mounds of bitter wood and oil on the first sip before a bite of fruit cake and stewed fruits take over.  Vanilla towards the back then a big meaty finish.  Salty notes left on the tongue.  Bizzare!  40.7%
1976 Bunnahabhain 33 Year Fino Sherry Aged/Sherry Finish $259.99 - salted taffy on the entry, then oaky notes before stonefruit, apricots, and vanilla begin to appear.  More salt at the back with hints of peat on the finish.  Very very good.  49%
1980 Caol Ila 30 Year Amarone Finish $279.99 - big time chewy fruits on the entry, then smoke and sweet grains, morphs into a roasted nut flavor, then supple and smooth on the finish.  Impeccibly balanced all the way through.  A serious malt that is very difficult to decipher because it is seamless!  I think we might pour this for Tuesday Night tastings next week!
- David Driscoll
David Driscoll