McCarthy Drops In

Steve McCarthy's single barrel cask strength whiskey that he bottled exclusively for K&L last year (the first and likely only time this will ever happen specially for a retailer) was so good that Steve himself flew down here today with the sole intention of buying some of it back.  "Do you still have any left?" he asked me on the phone a few weeks back.  Luckily we did so we packed up a case for him to check in on the plane ride back to Portland today.  Steve also brought us a quick sneak peak of the newest batch of whiskey he'll be bottling this June (which I may or may not have on me tonight at Martin's West :)).  A recent spirits competition in Oregon voted his pear brandy, his plum brandy, his cranberry liqueur, and his whiskey all top honors in their respective categories.  Another notch in the belt for his amazing distillery.

It's not surprising these bottles were easily top of their class.  A pear eau de vie is generally the measuring stick for the skill of any distiller, and despite my love for our local California distilleries, Steve's is just better.  It's the best I've ever had.  You all should know the cranberry well after my Christmas freakout of 2009 where we sold 600+ bottles, and the plum is also delicious and perfect for today as it's now certified Kosher!  Can't wait to try the new whiskey later!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll