Tuesday Tasting Tonight!

Yes, tonight we'll be heading over to Martin's West once again for another round of Tuesday night tasting.  The subject will be the ultra-rare and brand new E.H. Taylor release from Buffalo Trace, a sour mash bourbon that is getting some very high marks from those in the know.  I've yet to taste it so I'll be right there along side you, but from what I've heard it's a more restrained and subtle style of whiskey, not like the big spicy monsters like Stagg or Weller that we associate with the more exclusive BT releases.  I didn't have enough to go around for everyone to buy, so I gave a bottle back to the distributor and they sold it to Moira.  I figured we could all try it together.  Once again, we only bought one bottle to taste, so that's about 25 pours.  Please come right at 6 PM if you want to ensure yourself a glass.  Should be $4 or less.  What a crazy deal!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll