SF Tasting #1 Review

We finally got our first downtown tasting up and running this past Thursday and I was pretty satisfied with how it came off.  Thanks to the rabid SF thirst for whisky, we had Gitane packed and full before we had time even to pour one glass. I'm glad that everyone got the memo about this tasting starting at 5:30 because these one bottle tastings are like going to the movies - you get there when it starts, not half an hour later.  We blew through a bottle of 20 year old Bowmore in about 20-25 minutes and Andrew Morrison from A.D. Rattray combed through the crowd to answer questions and talk about his booze.  I'm going to talk to Gitane about a few things to work on for next week. They were worried about the fact that we ran out so fast and suggested we do a second bottle. However, they also want the thing to end by 6:30 so their dinner guests have space at the bar and with a second bottle I think this thing would linger on until 7:30.  I say we keep it one bottle, first 25 people, and if you can't get there at 5:30 then so be it.  There will be other tastings and other events.  In fact, I'm working on doing a 2nd tasting that would start at 7 PM on the exact same night!  We're working on turning the Hideout, located at the back of the Delva Bar on 16th St. between Valencia and Guererro, into a little after hours party where we pour a few different things - again all for the low, low price of wholesale cost!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll