Special Laphroaig Due This Summer

If you thought that the other Islay distilleries were going to sit back and let Ardbeg hog the special release spotlight, well then think again!  Laphroaig has announced that they will be releasing a new batch of their Cairdeas line, a bottling normally sold only at the Islay festival each May, to the U.S. market this summer (note: the photo above is for an older batch).   The 2011 release will be bottled at 50.5%, according to the press statement I received,  and was aged in Maker's Mark casks.  The tasting notes read "hints of salt and seaweed, layered with vibrant peat."  Sounds like every bottle of Laphroaig ever.  Should retail for $60 or so.  Can't wait! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll