Bringing Back The Blends

I have a deep passion for all things retro - I still practically live in the '80s.  Therefore, I have always admired John Glaser's enthusiasm for blended whisky, a great drink for a Mad Men-themed party and the first choice of an all-but-dead drinking culture.  I don't believe that John loves blended Scotch because it's a nostalgic throwback kind-of-thing, but rather because he really finds beauty in the grains.  Grain whisky is lost on just about 99% of the single malt drinking population and I can understand why - the flavors are more herbal, the textures not nearly as supple.  However, the art of marrying well-made grain whisky with quality single malt is still a fascinating and rewarding adventure should one choose to immerse oneself in it.  It takes time though.  I didn't just pour myself a glass of John's Compass Box Double Single (a delicate balance of Glen Elgin and Port Dundas) and jump out of my chair - it took time and focus to figure out what was going on in that glass.  When I figured it out, I was spellbound.  For that reason, I've always felt that John was fighting an uphill battle because most people have no patience or desire to drink something that doesn't speak to them instantly. 

John isn't backing down from that challenge, however. 

He's more fired up than ever.

Click on this link and see what John is up to now.  I'm going to try and talk with him later this week to get some more info.  I'll also be in London at the end of the month, so hopefully I can visit with him and see exactly what the future holds. 

Stay tuned.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll