The Day In Pictures

Too beat to type right now.  Going to express things visually.

These are on their way.  Got my final taste today of the samples.  Mmmmm.....good.

Today was the staff appreciation BBQ, so I made sure that our managers were hard at work appreciating me.

Westby the grillmaster getting some sirloin ready with his fancy olive oil. 

Today's weather finally felt like summer.  This salad helped too.

Jorge "El Guapo" esta descansando con un plato de comida deliciosa.

After lunch it was booze time.  New makes from Glenglassaugh.  Regular, wine-aged, peated, and young bourbon.  200ml bottles should be in soon.  Interesting stuff from the newly re-opened distillery.

Remember that Laphroaig that John Hansell liked so much a few weeks back?  Thanks to David OG and his detective skills we managed to get it distributed in CA.  Then we bought all of it, so now it's exclusively ours.  I agree with JH. Very, very good.

Before you laugh this off, I really like what Absolut is doing in its support for regional pride.  This batch is flavored with grapes, dragon fruit and papaya.  It smells like beautiful rose wine.  With soda it's divine.  For $19.99 we're gonna sell a ton out of the SF store.

As I left to head over to Martin's West, I had a flat tire. I managed to drive over to Big-O real fast and get some new ones, but I had to walk the rest of the way.  No matter, I got there in time and the Springbank 18 was poured.  What a nice way to finish the day.

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll