Oban 18 Year finally back!!!


Oban is one of my favorite distilleries.  While it's not known for exciting or unusual bottlings, we occasionally see special limited release products beyond the standard 14 year.  Oban is not about overpowering the senses or lambasting the palate.  It's about elegance and enjoyability.  The 14 year is a standard and should be appreciated as such, but this Limited Edition 18 year is truly where Oban starts to shine.  Coming from a small batch of " American Oak Casks" this is new bottling of the 18 Year is made EXCLUSIVELY for the US market.  Often we assume that American Oak casks implies exclusively bourbon aged, but in the first whiff you can tell there's at least some Sherry influences here.  American Oak is often used for the production of Sherry Casks and throws a distinctly different flavor and color than its European cousin.  The color is a beautiful amber hue.    This is even better than I remember it, but then again distance does make the heart grow founder.  Salt and Malt all the way.  A touch of warehouse floor brings me right back to Scotland.  With a bit of air really this stuff truly blossoms.  Very rarely does a malt that encourages the appetite so significantly.  I would definitely feel comfortable serving this as an aperitif.  On the palate the fruit and salt take center stage, while the smoky malt tip toes around the back.  It's so utterly appealing, I can't stand it!!! Has some semblance of the 14 year, but every aspect is AMPLIFIED.  At 43%, this needs nothing, but a bit of air in the glass.  This is a total classic so please take advantage while you can.

Oban 18 Year Limited Edition 750ml - $99.99

-David Girard

David Othenin-Girard