Generic Independence Day Post

The Fourth of July is a drinkers Holiday.  Fireworks, beer, bbq...what better way to celebrate our independence than by doing exactly what everyone else is doing?  At my house we do it a little different.  We celebrate our country's independence by celebrating our personal independence.  That means this year we're going to do the standards from scratch, just to prove we can.  Grinding our own meat, stuffing our own sausages, making the condiments - an idea that is both gratifying and delicious.  The one thing I won't be doing is distilling or brewing my on hooch for the party, so instead I'm going to be very unpatriotic and sip the delicious Del Maguey Espadin Especial.  What I'd love to know is how you're going to make your 4th special?  If it's Milwaukee's Best and Farmer John's franks don't bother, but if you do something special to show how much you LOVE freedom, please let us know. 

David Othenin-Girard