Faultline Gin Update

I made my way over to Alameda yesterday to check up on our latest collaboration with St. George distillery - our very own Faultline Gin to be sold exclusively at K&L.  We've got the labels designed, the gin has been distilled, but we needed to put a few final touches on the product.  I met up with Dave Smith in the lab to discuss a few specifics and cross a few T's.

The base of the gin is beautiful - soft and gentle with a beautiful juniper bouquet and hints of foresty botanicals in the background.  My only concern was that the flavor was too soft.  The finish is a bit light and watery, which while pleasing to fans of more easy-going gins, is not quite the profile I'm looking for.  After playing around with some citrus hops and minty distillates, we decided to tweak the gin with a bit of celery salt-macerated spirit.  The first batch was too strong, as the savory notes overpowered the beautiful botanicals.  We decided to dial it back a bit and the result was fantastic.  The empty spots were gently filled with a salty spice and the finish was far more satisfying.  I'd say we're about ready to go! 

Now we just need to get those labels over to the printer.  1,000 bottles of Faultline Gin on the way!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll