France Day 1: The Hunt for David Girard

We've got a four hour layover in Paris and I've already been here an hour and forty minutes.  Girard landed at the same time I did, but there's no sign of him so far.  This is a big airport.  I battled the flu I caught Thursday night all ten hours of the flight over here, the pressure threatening to collapse my sinuses, but I emerged unscathed.  A good night's rest and I should be over this wretched bug.  What a time to get sick.  I am somewhat happy to have a stuffy nose at the moment, however, because were in perfect health I would march right over to the Ladurée and eat an entire box full of macarons.  The best cookie on earth is but a few yards away, but to eat one at this point would be a waste.  After a few more hours of book reading, DOG and I will be on our way south to Armagnac country.  Charles Neal is set to grab us once we land and we'll make the trek down from there.  Good in-flight movies on Air France, by the way.  This was the first time I had flown with them.  Three films I wanted to see, but hadn't: Super 8, Warrior, and Drive.  Gotta keep my eyes peeled for David Othenin-Girard.  Until later.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll