The Artein is Good

As you'll read in my tasting notes, I was less than excited about Glenmorangie's new Sassicaia-enhanced project, the Artein.  A lot of talk about the source of the water, and how it runs through stone and whatnot.  Then, of course, the marriage with Tuscany's most famous high-end red.  More than ever, it seemed like Glenmorangie was relying on the LVMH side of things (luxury and image), rather than the Bill Lumsden side (creativity and excellence).  Once I tasted it, however, I changed my tune.  This whisky is very well made and the wine only highlights the inherent flavors built into it.  The price is also quite fair, so I bought everything I could.  Big email going out on Friday, so expect it to sell out by next weekend.

Glenmorangie Artein 15 Year Old Super Tuscan Cask Single Malt Whisky $79.99 - Another limited edition release from the folks at Glenmorangie and this one is perhaps their best effort yet.  I have to admit that when I read about Glenmo's new Sassicaia-finished experiment, I yawned.  There are a slew of wine cask-enhanced whiskies on the market and here was simply another one to add to the pile.  However, I should have had more faith in Bill Lumsden because this is one of the best Glenmorangie whiskies in years.  The aroma is full of red berries and sweet grains, but is also very delicate.  The flavors on the palate swim with stone fruit and soft caramel before finishing in a melting glaze of cherries and cocoa.  An ultra-smooth mouthfeel full of red fruits really warms the finish - this is great freakin' single malt! The Artein succeeds because the whisky is already of quality to begin with.  In this case, the wine simply adds complexity to what was already a great blend of 15 and 21 year old casks.  Even better is the fact that Sassicaia isn't actually written on the label due to legal restrictions.  Glenmorangie doesn't need to trade on the name of Italy's most famous Super Tuscan.  The Glenmorangie malt is the focus here and Dr. Bill has created enough of a reputation on his own as perhaps the best whisky creator in the business.  One need not look any further than the Artein as proof.  It's very, very good. This will sell out fast.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll