No Spirits Tastings This Week

I have to do some offsite tastings this week with a few spirits companies, so we won't be conducting any events tomorrow in Redwood City or San Francisco. The November schedule is going to be sporadic as we have people coming into town on other days besides Wednesday to do special events. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also the busiest day of the year at K&L sometimes, so we definitely won't have a tasting that day either. Keep an eye on the schedule in the right hand margin of this blog for more info. David Stirk, the man we teamed up with for four of our exclusive casks, will be making an appearance in late November, as will Diageo's Steve Beal, who will be bringing all of you up to speed on the Johnnie Walker collection. Sonja Kassebaum from North Shore will also be in town mid-month. Some of these tastings will be on Tuesday or Thursday instead, so again please read the schedule carefully! We don't want you driving all the way over just to leave as thirsty as you came.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll