The News for Today

Signatory pre-arrivals are processed and should be ready to pick up by today (Hollywood should get their's tomorrow or Thursday). The Glenlochy, Longmorn, and Benrinnes are all in stock at both NorCal stores as we speak if you want to grab yourself a bottle. The Glenlochy is unreal. It really is as good as advertised. So rich and butterscotchy with candied fruit and such a supple mouthfeel. It's one of the more sublime spirits I've ever had and it compares very closely to the Ladyburn we did last year, except maybe with more power. The Benrinnes is wonderfully fruity and playful. It's the kind of whisky we don't see anymore with super-peated, cask-finished, double-matured malts taking all of the attention. Ditto for the Longmorn. Everyone is going to be pleased. That's right! I've got single barrel Longmorn for $55. Deals R us. Check the right-hand margin for the links if you want to order. Call the store if you need us to ship your pre-order.

I also met with Mr. Bernard Boisson today from A. Edmond Audry Cognac and tasted through his line. His family purchases small estate Cognac and then blends them at their facility. These are serious brandies with spice, nuance, and power. No boise. No caramel. The goods. These should be coming in soon for all you super Yak fans.

Remember! No tastings this week. Gotta hit the restaurant scene all week with customers for private events.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll