New Four Roses Barrel Arrives

We've done so many Four Rose's barrels now it's getting hard to tell them apart!  Here's my write up on the newest K&L exclusive:

Four Roses K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon $59.99 - This barrel, aged 10 years and 6 months at the distillery, is from formula OESV and it's the most utilitarian whiskey we've yet selected from Four Roses. It's not the richest, the spiciest, the most esoteric, or the sweetest, but I believe it to be the most balanced and delicious. At 59% you'd expect it to be a monster, but it's quite restrained, almost brooding in its profile in that you expect it to explode at any moment. It never does, however - it remains in check and keeps its distance. The fruit is there, lush and soft, but it stays in the background. The richness is there, but it's not obvious. The spice is robust, with hints of cherry and banana struggling to be tasted, but still there's some reluctant force holding it back. The result is dangerously drinkable Bourbon, one that takes three or four sips just to get a grasp on before you know what's hit you. There's no denying that it's good, even great - but there will be fierce attempts to penetrate its core and understand what its all about. This Bourbon will not cave, however. It just wants to be drunk, not contemplated. It seeks to be enjoyed, not studied. It demands to be appreciated, but it will not beg for your attention. Who knew a Bourbon could be so anthropomorphic?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll