Justice is Blind

Seven people now have tasted the new K&L Four Roses Single Barrel head to head with the Pappy 15 - at cask strength, with no water.  They were told in advance that one of the whiskies was Pappy and that they should attempt to guess which one was which.  All seven have guessed that the Four Roses was the Pappy 15 - four were K&L employees who were very familiar with the Van Winkle range, while three were customers that I know well.  Even at 59%, the K&L barrel is incredibly balanced - that's not to say it tastes like Pappy 15 (it doesn't), it's just to say that it tastes like great whiskey (which is why everyone figured it was Pappy).  Just a little food for thought.  I can guarantee the opinions would have been different if the labels had been on display.  Blind tasting is the only way!

UPDATE 6:08 PM: Whisky superstar Paul Tong just made it 8 for 8! Everyone loves the Four Roses!

-David Driscoll

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I don't think anyone who tasted knew the difference between "wheated" or "rye" flavor grain whiskies, so they weren't looking for the obvious give-away.  It was more about expectations of quality).

David Driscoll