Wow, That's Good.

When our newest cask of Buffalo Trace showed up this morning, I immediately called David OG in Hollywood and said, "Man, you picked a winner."  To which, he repied, "I thought you did that one?"  Now while we don't which one of us was the mastermind behind this stunning bottle, we can at least say that David did a fantastic job.  Harlen and the boys made a freakin' wonder of a cask - a single barrel Buffalo Trace that almost bursts with sweet baking spices, cloves, and tons of maple richness.  It's the most epic whiskey we've ever chosen from the Sazerac company and it's a hot deal.  Grab it!

Buffalo Trace K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #74 Kentucky Bourbon $24.99 - This new single-barrel from Buffalo Trace produced a very small yield of 20 cases for our new K&L exclusive bottling. Think of this as the classic flagship Buffalo Trace product, but with all of its best components highlighted and enhanced: stronger spice, sweet candied fruit, a medium body, aromatic vanilla, vibrant oak and just a touch sweeter. When we pick a single barrel from these guys it's only because it truly outshines the already stellar standard bottling. Needless to say, we don't find many barrels that out-class their exceptional distillery bottlings, but when you see the potential of this fabulous whiskey as a single cask, you'll definitely come back for more! (David Girard)

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll