Bottle Shots

In stock now up North! Two new casks. Delicious. Heaven Hill is also ending their Elijah Craig single barrel program as of now, so this might be one of the last ones out.

Holy shitballs this Bowmore is good. I remember it being tasty, but I honestly did not remember it being this good. It's so fruity and oily, yet simultaneously smoky and phenolic. The best Bowmore we have of any kind right now. This will be in stock next week.

And we finally have our Royal Lochnagar with our bitchin' California heritage label designed by Hollywood customer Jeff Holmes. Jeff, you get a free bottle, of course. This one is very light, soft and fruity, but it's a sneaky whisky. Those in search of big power will certainly poo-poo its subtle sweetness. Those in search of delicacy won't be able to get enough. It is the Queen's whisky, after all. Her highness is a woman of elegance and taste.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll