More New Bourbon Casks

How are you holding up? Are the holidays getting to you yet? Remember we are here to supply you with a magical elixer called alcohol just in case you're having trouble taking the edge off after work. Family members are incredibly more tolerable after a couple of cocktails. It's really amazing! You should try it if you've never done it.

Com' on. What? Are you scared? Everyone's doing it! Don't be a loser.

OK, enough with the after-school-special-drug-pusher talk. We're really kicking it into high gear this week at K&L. Three new 20+ year old Islay casks, a pair of brilliant Kilchoman barrels, and now three new barrels of Kentucky Bourbon. Will the madness ever stop?! (HINT: No, it's never going to stop)

(NOTE: we've got more EC and EW hitting NorCal today, but the Four Roses will have to come up from LA since this was OG's cask -- which means you know it's good because his casks are always better than mine).

Elijah Craig 12 year old K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #431 Bourbon $26.99 -- It's ECSB Time! We spend a lot of time making sure that these single barrels from Kentucky are superior to the already excellent selections from our beloved friends in the Blue Grass State. This barrel was a clear winner in the most recent round of tasting. The nose explodes out of the glass, huge notes of exotic honey, high grade maple syrup, sweet tea, and dark baking spices. The palate brings on more spices balancing what seemed to be a syrupy monster on the nose with strong zesty clove/cinnamon blend. The spiciness mellows on the finish allowing the subtle sweetness to return. A real drinker from a cask the yielded only 10 cases. It won't last long.

2003 Evan Williams K&L Exclusive Single Barrel #869 Bourbon $26.99 -- Here we have another delightful cask coming from Heaven Hill. This one is coming in just under 10 years old, but it's got the complexity to make up for it. The nose is brimming with oak spice, minty sweetness, and an enchanting bouquet of dried fruits. On the palate what once seemed like a spice monster is much more subtle and balanced. Truly one of the most balanced casks of EW that I've come across. The palate isn't sugary per say, but we have absolutely no heat present and the soft oakiness is nearly over powered by the persistent fruit. Proof that bourbon can be one of the world's great delicate spirits.

Four Roses K&L Exclusive Single Barrel OESV Cask Strength Bourbon $64.99 -- This stupendous cask of OESV is the oldest we've yet procured from the fine Four Roses Distillery. Having visit Four Roses recently, it's clear that they do things quite differently. We plan to wade through as many barrels as Mr. Rutledge will let us taste to find the true gems like this barrel here. 12 years and 2 months (some bottles are mislabelled as 11 yo and 9 months, but it's all 12 yo+) in the barrel with a sadly tiny output of only 126 bottles. Despite the high proof this bourbon is soft as cashmere. It's round and rich with a creaminess that alludes to the high corn mashbill. The powerful spice resulting from more than twelve years in oak is seamlessly integrated into the complex bouquet of power fruit aromas. A monster by any measure.

And more good news! We just received our shipment of two Faultline casks a month earlier than expected, so that means those of you who ordered a bottle of the Royal Lochnagar or Bowmore "Palm Tree" should have the whisky in hand before Xmas. I'm expecting the in-stock product to be ready by Tuesday for those of you interested in picking one up.

I'll be back on the Redwood City sales floor today grinding it out. We've got a lot of other new products to tell you about, but I'll save that for another post soon. New mezcales, new tequilas, new whiskies, new brandies. new liqueurs, new gins.

Then I'm off to watch the Warriors take on the Rockets. Hopefully the sweet sound of Steph Curry's swishes will ease the ever-present angst within my body.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll