Inaugural Salon Event Tonight

I've put an extra five tickets, plus two guest passes, into the system due to extremely high demand. After that we'll be violating the fire code! They're up for grabs for anyone who wanted to go, but got shut out. Here's what's happening at tonight's Buffalo Trace/Heaven Hill event:

- Six handsome shots of whiskey (not this 1/4 oz. BS we have to do in the store): Rittenhouse Rye, E.H. Taylor BIB Rye, Elmer T. Lee, 2002 Evan Williams Single Barrel, Weller 12 Year, Larceny Wheated.

- Plenty of snacks: homemade potato chips, three kinds of flatbread, crab cakes, bacon-wrapped dates, and endless bowls of the Vault's absolutely addictive brussel sprout chips. Servers will be walking around so that you can pick them off at your leisure.

- Kyle and I will be behind the Bourbon bar, rocking out to a fabulous 80s-themed soundtrack with classic romantic cinema flickering on the multiple screens. There will also be a second bar with a full stock of beer, wine, and booze for those who want to pay separately for something different.

- 100+ people in a fantastic space, drinking, partying, enjoying some fantastic American whiskey, all in the name of booze appreciation.

Five extra spots. Come join us!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll