New Wahaka Gift Packs

As many of you well know, we're not big fans of packaging or gift sets at K&L because they take up valuable space and they're a pain to ship. However, we will make exceptions now and again -- especially if it truly benefits the customer. In the case of mezcal, we know how curious many spirits fans are about the different flavor profiles and the various species of agave. Wouldn't it be great if a fantastic producer, known for making traditional and rustic mezcal, offered three smaller-sized bottles in a gift pack with appropriate glassware?

That's why we picked up a large chunk of Wahaka's new gift set, featuring the standard Espadin, the super rare Tobala, and the lovely Ensemble; which is a field blend of 50% Espadin, 25% Tobala, and 25% Madre Cuishe. You get three 200ml bottles and two old school tasting glasses for $84.99.

If you don't feel like blowing $215 to try a full bottle of each, why not get the gift pack and try them out first. It's a great way to get your feet wet and decipher between standard cultivated agave, a rare wild species of agave, and a blend of various cultivated and wild species together.

I'm pumped.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll