PVW20 Cheap as Chips

Pappy 20 year old available at online charity auction

Well clearly the cheap as chips thing won't last for long, but it's for a good cause so instead of being selfish and coveting this link like a proper whisk(e)y freak, I'm going to share it with the world. My dear friend Mr. John Troia ask if I would help the whiskey world take notice of this little lot that he is offering to help his daughter's school. Despite my better judgement I'm sharing this link today to see if we can't get John's kid's school some much needed funds. Obviously, you all know where the market is for VW20, but I'm not sure any of the real crazy money will notice this post, so there might be a chance you get this at a "reasonable" price. Emphasis on might be. Happy bidding...


Help yourselves to some pappy...it's only $150 right now!

-David OG

David Othenin-Girard