I'm Talking to the Other Guys

Let me describe the scene to you: there are these guys, they act like customers so that they can get on to our insider email lists, they read this blog obsessively, but really they have their own stores and their own work to do, so they try to use all of our public information against us. If we run lower margins to create a buzz, they run and complain to the brands like little tattle-tales, saying we must be getting insider pricing. If we use our skills to acquire better allocations of difficult to find products, they whine about how K&L must be cheating the system. More importantly, they prey on our every word and whim to see what we're doing next by infiltrating our newsletters and sales blasts, hoping to God they can get a head start on the two Davids.

Well, guess what? I'm on to you guys! You're going to have to change up your strategy.

Nevertheless, I'm gonna drop a few bombs today in your honor. Check back later today for some fun stuff.

So long everybody!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll