Orphan Barrel Bonanza!

REVISION: I should note that we received conflicting reports about the mashbill of the Old Barterhouse. The Whiskey Advocate reported a while back that all the mashbills are the same (non-wheated), but Diageo told me repeatedly that the formula was wheated, hence why I wrote that in the description. I wrote those notes a while back when I first tasted the whiskey and forgot to update them before we did the email, so since the mashbill is indeed 86% corn, 6% rye, and 8% barley, I apologize. I was going off what the brand told me at our appointment (which we all know is not always the best thing to do!).

David OG and I were talking about an interesting phenomenon on our last trip to Scotland, regarding how we get our deals done for K&L: namely, the idea that being a spirits buyer can't be that hard, right? Has anyone ever said to you, "Hey, you take good pictures. I should get a camera like yours." No? Well maybe they've said, "Hey, I like your outfit, I should shop where you shop." The insinuation when someone gives you that type of "complement" is that you're only as good as the camera you use, or the store you shop at -- there's nothing of your own talent or skill involved. 

The same type of conversation happens when David and I make something happen for K&L. "Wow, good deal, someone must owe you guys a favor," a person will inevitably mention. Or.....maybe we just know what we're doing? How else would we track down a gangload of the two hottest whiskies to hit the market this year, in quantities that will allow you all to snag a bottle without entering a raffle or diving over your opponent? You think these just fell into our lap?

So how did we get them? Uh.....it was....my camera, I guess.

Barterhouse 20 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $89.99 (NOTE: this item ships as a 1.5L) The mysterious 20 year old expression arrives! The Old Barterhouse is the most talked about American whiskey of 2014 and its got the gusto to back up the hype. The rich, spicy, and full-bodied palate bursts with sweet vanilla and creamy corn, showcasing the richness that only 20 years in a new charred barrel can offer. This is as close as you'll get to Pappy 20 and it's about $40 less per bottle. Consider yourself lucky if you managed to get one.

Old Blowhard 26 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $169.99 (NOTE: this item ships as a 1.5L) I can't remember the last time we saw a 26 year old Bourbon at K&L - even when the good old days of mature Bourbon were in full swing. To find an American whiskey with this level of maturity and for this price is shocking, especially in this bare market. The ethereal Old Blowhard is almost ghostly in its elegance. It's not rich, powerful, or in-your-face. The Blowhard is soft, delicate, and simply graceful in its profile - the wood flavors are haunting, rather than blunt. I've never tasted another Bourbon like this whiskey before, and I don't know whether I will again considering the scarcity of older stocks. This will be one of the most coveted bottles we sell this year.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll