Whisky Season Begins

When I say "whisky season begins" it's not in reference to the fact that it's now getting darker earlier, or that the temperature outside is beginning to drop as we move into November (although those are also good reasons to drink whisky). No, here at K&L the term "whisky season" refers to the time of year when our direct import casks arrive; when the fruits of our labor are finally ripe enough for us all to enjoy. While in the past we've scattered our selections out over a period of weeks, or even months to help pace things, this year they're all coming in at once. It's just the way it worked out this time around, so we're all going to have to pace ourselves instead. Over the next few days get ready to get bashed over the head by a wave of awesome whisky expressions that will likely send you scrambling into a frenzy. It's going to be too much, too soon. It's going to be total whisky overload, so just keep that in mind as you see the emails come out and the blog posts posted. We've got a number of new Signatory casks to show you, a few new barrels from Wild Turkey, some super rare editions from Scotland that we've put together, and another smattering of Hepburn's Choice and Sovereign once that's all said and done.

And don't forget about the in-store Faultline events this coming Thursday! We've got some new Kentucky Bourbon to sell you there as well (but those bottles will likely sell out within the hour or so). But this is just the beginning. We should see new arrivals all the way into late November and December.

So remember to breath, do some stretching, and make sure you get enough sleep. Whisky season moves fast and furiously around here. Much more so than Vin Diesel.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll