St. George/Frontier/Jaime/K&L Faultline Release Schedule

Love & Rockets comic pioneer Jaime Hernandez will be on hand in Hollywood this Thursday to sign bottles and records

This coming Thursday is the day!! It's the first four-way collaboration we've ever been a part of here at K&L: the St. George/Frontier Records/Jaime Hernandez/K&L Wine Merchants Faultline editions which will be released at 5 PM in all three of our stores! Rather than just a fourth batch of the beloved Faultline gin, we'll have two extra St. George editions (a bourbon and an absinthe) to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Lisa Fancher's iconic punk record label, as well as the fact that K&L, Jaime, and St. George have also spent 30+ years doing incredible things in California. It's going to be a celebration of California music, art, spirits, and creative retail. Here's what you need to know about this upcoming release:

The prices:

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Gin $39.99

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Bourbon $64.99

Faultline "Jaime Hernandez Edition" Absinthe $59.99

And, yes, the first shoppers to get their bottles of Faultline this year will also get a special edition 45 vinyl with matching artwork from Jaime. The gin comes with a single from The Adolescents, the bourbon with a single from The Weirdos, and the absinthe with a single by Christian Death. These bottles will not be available online or over the phone.

The schedule:

We'll start at 5 PM in all stores. There will be limits on how many you can purchase. Jaime and Lisa will be on hand in the Hollywood store to sign bottles and say hello. St. George distiller Dave Smith will be at the San Francisco store to pour samples, as well as sign bottles. There will be no event in the Redwood City store, but both bottles and records will be available for those who come in.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that you will get a limited edition Frontier Record 45 vinyl with your purchase. They are limited to the quantities on hand in each location on Thursday the 5th.

The bottles are here and they look AMAZING. Just having them on your bar will make you very, very happy (let alone actually drinking them).

This far.....the coolest thing we've ever done as a company. I hope you'll make it down to be a part of the celebrations!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll